We have 50 pound timothy/brome mix bales in the barn left from the 2018 growing season.  Each year we try for 1-2 cuttings off of our 100+ acres. As one of the most volatile Alaskan crops out there, success of the hay harvest is directly connected to the amount of precipitation while trying to bale (which, in turn, is directly affects the mental health of the farmer!)

Keep an eye out for good weather and a nose out for freshly cut grass to know when it's hay time or call and get on our hay list and we'll call you.  It's a hot commodity, so get it while you can to avoid shipping it in or paying the high prices in the winter!

Call (907) 745-4511 anytime for orders or pick up.

In the field:                            In the barn:  $10-$12 / bale